Nikon FM3A

Nikon FM3A

This is a fully rebuilt Nikon FM3A 35mm film camera, body only in it's original boxed.

Base camera was a silver FM3A. Camera has been disassembled, old light trappings removed and has been properly cleaned of any build up of dirt.

Camera top plate, bottom plate and lens mount surround have had some minor repairs (no filler, metal manipulation techniques alone) before beimg prepared and treated to a coat of custom mixed Cerakote H-Series oven cure ceramic coating. Cerakote has been developed as a firearms coating and is ultra thin, ultra hard, scratch resistant and low friction (non stick).

Visible parts of the camera body, the mirror box and film door have also been coated in Cerakote, this time H-Series gloss black to complement the custom mixed khaki green flat metallic of the redt of the camera.

'Nikon' logo has been filled with Stuart Semple's 'Black 2.0' the 'blackest black'.

FM3A logo has been left bare but can be filled according to any potential buyer's request. I like it as it is but choices....

Leather amd light trappings have been renewed, leather has been sourced from Japan and is of top quality in terms of matching the original pattern and feel.

New eye piece sourced and fitted.

Function wise, this is a camera with zero faults. Everything works as it should. I have run a test roll of HP5+ through it and include a sample shot as metered by the camera.

Box included.

This is a one of a kind custom camera that has been professionally refinished and rebuilt to very high standards.